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Project Management

Need hands-on project management? It could be improving a service/ product or creating one.


Time for some fresh thinking? Ster Innovation can help you kickstart your ideas into action, figure out ‘what’s next?’ and solve your business hurdles.

Interim Roles

If your business has a knowledge or skill gap, you may consider an interim CCO or COO.

Business Acceleration

Need to boost? Ster Innovation can help you go from idea to market much faster than traditional business. 



Sandy Isaac is a lawyer turned innovation specialist.

What does it mean for your business? On your team will be the voice of the customer and an innovator with legal and business acumen. 

Sandy has worked with small to large businesses from promising start-ups, NGOs and nonprofits to established commercial businesses and government.

Over the past 10 years, she gathered intel from multiple industries including legal, compliance, property, tax, tech, charity, digital marketing, government, and social enterprise.

By using her services, you will be offered perspectives you may not have considered, innovation tools to shape your business, a good understanding of your customer, a challenge of thought and hands-on help where you need it.

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