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/-ster Innovation

Innovation & Improvement

Business design & bespoke consultancy

Ster innovation is all about accessibility to innovative thinking & business design. You’re the subject matter expert. We help you grow.


Don’t have any competitors to learn from or want to break away from the mould? Let’s find you a spot where you could flourish.  


What is current state? Who is your ‘customer’?


Imagine the future and design a roadmap to future state.

Business Design

Best for: A product or service with a human component.

Creating a fresh new service or think your current service needs a revamp?


Best for: A business with 2+ decision-makers.

Ideas running dry or too many opinions in the room?

CxO Services

Best for: SMEs.

Does your business have a leadership skills gap that you need to fill for a short time?


/-ster Innovation


Sandy Isaac

Sandy has years of experience with new start-ups and large international consultancies to solve business problems and realise ideas into viable services/products. 

Sandy comes on board as an extension of your team to live & breathe your business while working with you to discover your needs & head towards your goals. This could be as simple as a one off workshop or a full analysis of your business to enable the desired future state. Project management is also offered in some cases where implementation of future state needs a commercial or human focus.



Business values are simple: 


Your business is our business and we treat it as our own. 

Honest communication

Communication is everything. We keep it simple and honest. 


We do what we say we’re going to do. 

Continuous Improvement

If you see an area for improvement in our work or website, send us an email! Improvement is essential for growth. 


Not sure if we’re going to be a good fit? Let’s catch up and see how we can make it work. 

Some companies we’ve worked with


“We have loved working with Sandy at Creative HQ. She is an incredible problem solver, strategic thinker and team builder. Her experience with both early-stage startups and large organisations gives her a flexibility and depth which is awesome to work with. I definitely recommend finding a way to involve her in your work.”

— Luke Ball, GM Lightning Lab

“Sandy ran an ideation workshop for us and a set of senior digital clients. She did a great job to align multiple perspectives through innovative design thinking exercises that left everyone feeling energised and committed to a shared vision. Her collaborative nature and positive attitude made a mark with all of us and I’d recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a solid service design practitioner.”

– Edwin Rozells, Country Manager, Accenture Interactive

Sandy thrives in highly creative and challenging, innovative environments. We at Creative HQ have worked with her in several contexts – public sector innovation, blockchain, FinTech, non-for-profit and a virtual hackathon for Covid relief. In all of these contexts, she excelled at driving the team forward and getting the most out of her fellow teammates. Her strategic problem solving is fantastic and she is well versed in design thinking methodologies. She is also a pleasure to work with and always brings a smile with her.”

– Brett Holland, GM Innovation, Creative HQ

“I have worked with Sandy three times over the past four years and cannot recommend her highly enough as a brilliant project manager and highly effective team player. She is an absolute stickler for checking details, at the same time as thinking of the bigger picture and the implications for things further down the track. She plans things out and thinks through unexpected aspects of a project. She is thoroughly professional and ensures all interactions are conducted with a very professional and straightforward manner. Along with that she is a hugely personable and very emotionally intelligent individual as well as being a delight to work with.”
– Melanie Thornton, Executive Director, NZIIA





Auckland Based.

Available remotely.